Studio Business Cards

Riley Moore Studio Business Cards

My new business cards for Riley Moore Studio came in the mail last week. I'm quite pleased with how they came out. The yellow is a rich jewel tone, the grey is the perfect shade of dark, and they suit me very well! (They'd better, I designed them).

Popsicle Days

vicedreams Hey all, posts have been infrequent and I'm sorry for that, but not really because we've been enjoying summer and working on new projects. I just started my own design company recently, and have been hard at work creating and promoting. From this point on, inspiration posts will generally go to the new Totem Blog, while posts regarding our personal lives will remain here. I hope you all get the chance to check it out; thanks for listening, and happy summer!

In Good Company

The style of this paper wreath by haru looks nothing like our place, but I am love with it and so, am willing to look past this small fact. It has been made from vintage sheet music, gift-wrap, scrapbook paper, a clothing catalog, Japanese magazine, a variety of other books, and is cute as a freaking button.