Recommendation: Teux Deux

teux deux online to do list I've long been a list maker (just look at my Lists category - lists for everything). Right up there with a clean house, I have lists to thank for my sanity and ability to be a productive human being. I've been a fan of Teux Deux from the beginning. It has a simple layout, web and iphone app, and automatically moves anything I don't get done to the following day (without annoying notifications which usually cause me to stop using a list app). I recently received an email about the "Neux Teux Deux." I immediately switched and love. Love. The new features (recurring tasks, naming individual 'Someday' lists) are all welcome additions, without feeling like they've changed it into a different app altogether.

Since Teux Deux is such a critical part of my every day, I thought I'd wax poetic and share the goods. Get on the list for the Neux Teux Deux, or signup for the regular version until the new one is released.

Summer in Watercolor

painted list of summer plans I decided to illustrate a few of my plans for summer. I've already been to the drive-in, and I'm heading to a solstice party tonight. What are your plans for the summer?!

A List of Latelys

Paid off a long standing credit card balanceOrdered a dozen or so used books from amazon for wicked cheap Started a half marathon training schedule Listened to baby sister and friends backseat conversations Resolved to write letters and mail them on the regular

Late Summer

taylor pretty girl smiling Roller-skating Early beach visits Sneaking into hotel pools Hair wraps Japanese steakhouse heaven Contemplative Movies Funny accents Late night card games

Summer Blues

Lately: Freegan'd our way through Bluesfest Found almost full handle of cherry schnapps Started watching Daughters of Satan Slept in way too late Had huge amazing pizza and Dr. Pepper, $1 with coupons Biked 20+ miles

lavender and potholder

Weekend Wreckage

       Biked around on a full moon night       Watched Daniel Faraday as Charles Manson, so genius        Ate stir-fry with peppers and mushrooms and cabbage, so good        Spring cleaned        Laid out on the rooftop and overheated in the sun        Realized babycat might be pregnant

Self Improvement and Religious List Making

I am addicted to the site 43things. My list of lists:

  1. Grocery Lists
  2. To Buy Lists
  3. Get Shit Done Day Lists
  4. Summer Lists
  5. Places To Go Lists
  6. Pet Name Lists
  7. Baby Name Lists
  8. Things To Sell Lists
  9. Making Lists For Others Lists
  10. Cleaning Lists
  11. Weekend Lists
  12. Gift Lists
  13. $$$ Lists
  14. Pro and Con Lists
  15. Reading Lists
  16. Lists of Lists