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paint splattered pantsLegitimate paint splattered pants, acquired only through large-scale frenzied paint sessions.

House in Black

Haus in SchwarzI came across this photo earlier today and found it so striking. At first I thought it might be one of those fake houses that cities use to hide various parts of its infrastructure (so fascinating – see here), but it turns out it was a farewell art piece for the building which was set to be demolished. Called Haus in Schwarz (House is Black), the house was painted matte black by artists Erik Sturm and Simon Jung in Möhringen, Germany.

Previously the building was used by street artists which made for an equally stunning facade:

Haus in Schwarz Before

And here they are side by side:

Haus in Schwarz and before I'll take one of each, please ;)

via This is Colossal

Our 2013 Christmas Cards

Our 2013 Christmas Cards - Full ListNow that our intended recipients should have received their cards, I can finally share what we sent out this year! We are definitely of the handmade type, and this year we thought it'd be fun to make a list of our favorite Christmas things. We ended up sort of ordering them by how Christmas day actually pans out, so it seems a little gift-centric in the beginning, but hopefully you can overlook that ;)

Our 2013 Christmas Cards - Illustration overview I wrote out this lists (nothing special, just my handwriting which got more hurried as my wrist started to protest), and Konrad painted a little something for each item.

Our 2013 Christmas Cards - Detail Even though we followed the same format for everything, each card definitely has its own details.

Our 2013 Christmas Cards - Featuring the cats! Our cats even make a mini feature in two of the cards! Be still my heart!

I'm curious, do you send out Christmas cards? Handmade, or are you a Christmas photo type? (both are good!)

Goon Money

goon dollar billI found this photo of a favorite Goons dollar hiding in one of my many "To Be Sorted" image folders. I've always liked his representations of currency.

Awesome Online Resource for Learning a New Craft

Knitting Quilting Sewing Cake Decorating Drawing Painting CookingFor anyone who's been reading Estate for awhile, you may remember back to my 14 goals by 2014. One of those goals was to finish sewing a maxi dress I started well over three years ago. At this point the straps are seemingly unfixable, and the project has been set aside for a future more-enabled me to deal with. Until then, I'd really like to up my (non-existent) sewing skills and at least sew a small something.

So! Today I signed up for a sewing basics class on Craftsy. Craftsy is super cool because it's an online community offering both free and premium classes in a huge variety of crafts. The sewing class is totally free and I can follow the instructional videos at my own pace (the course is available forever). I also signed up for a figure drawing class, which is perfect because I've always found drawing people the most difficult part of illustration to master.

Would you sign up for an online class? I'd love to hear!

Legs for Days

A few months ago I shared these photographs of mine with you, and I wanted to make good on my promises and share a few more! These images were a part of a show I had in April, Long Legs, as a part of my senior thesis at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. legs tryptich

legs disfigured surreal

sunlight legs shadows window room

spider legs reflection leaves

legs armchair

pinup legs gold

If you like what you see, please check out my Society6 store for printed goods you can buy! Many more items coming soon! I'll also be relaunching my website soon, so keep an eye out for a post with info on that!