Summer Everywhere

dairy barI've spent a lot of time this summer requiring ice cream, french fries, iced Coca Cola and zero agendas. Unfortunately the agenda is still always looming, but at least I can pretend it's not while eating a cherry-dipped vanilla ice cream cone.

New Video Diaries

It's time to begin a new chapter here at Estate – video diaries! Konrad and I have been talking about documenting our lives in short, music video form for a long while now, and we've just finished the first in what we plan to be regular uploads.

This one happened over the course of a weekend while the classic car show was in town. Konrad was in heaven over the bevy of automobiles, so we watched the cars parade through town and had a picnic at an outdoor showing of 'American Graffiti.'

Three Little Kittens

long haired black foster kitten at 6 weeks oldKonrad and I picked up three little foster kittens yesterday morning. They are the smallest things you ever did see, but man are they a handful. We were chasing after them for hours and it was finally 10pm before I realized I hadn't really eaten anything all day.

long haired black foster kitten at 6 weeks old One of the kittens is obsessed with Konrad, and protests loudly if he leaves the room or stops paying attention to him. The grey one gives me sleepy eyes that remind me of my Skye, and the third has been dubbed Too Shy, but is quickly learning how nice life can be for a lap cat.

long haired grey foster kitten at 6 weeks old Our littles aren't too sure about them and keep to themselves for the most part. We joke about their wild sides, but these three are making Skye and Nathan seem so well-mannered!

Early Retirement

cat lounging in the sunNo apologies for the cats on cats on cats. All the recent photos on my phone and computer are of cats. Do you think I like cats?

With recent days in the 70s and 80s it's hard to do anything but spend my days exactly as I like. Waking up without an alarm, making art, going on bike rides, and dining out more than eating in. I try to model my life after this Pinterest board.