The Secret to a Great Closet

Catherine Deane gown from Rent the RunwayThis post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

You know those dresses you buy for a wedding, a holiday party, a fancy date – you wear them once and then never again? Imagine spending the same amount to rent an even more incredible dress, which you can then ship off at no cost to you, and without even having the think about the cleaning? All you have to worry about is taking all those complements in stride, and choosing which one of the number of gorgeous photos you've been tagged in to use as your new profile photo.

Enter Rent the Runway. Now you can rent amazing designer clothes for a fraction (seriously, the smallest percentage) of the price. The above $2000 Catherine Deane gown is available for $70. This $3000 Reem Acra gown is yours for $80. Insane, right? They also carry jewelry, handbags, accessories and outerwear. You could even rent your wedding gown.

Right now, Rent the Runway will give you $25 off your order of $75 or more with the promo code: 25OFFNEW. With the holidays coming up, it's the perfect time to dress to impress!

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An Introduction

sunriseThis is what it looks like when you wake up before the sun on an airplane.

My name is Riley Moore. I'm a web designer slash serial entrepreneur living in Vermont. Most of my day is spent with a pile of cats on top of me, and I would only complain if it wasn't spent this way. From morning until the time my brain conks out from overdrive, I am always thinking about business, work, creating.

I started blogging when I had first moved to Chicago and was working from home. It seemed like a new adventure deserved fresh journal pages. Now, over 7 years later, I'm in a different space and fill my days in other ways than I had back then (Then: biking around putting up art all night with my street artist boyfriend. Now: laying in the hammock and working on the yard all day with my gallery artist boyfriend).

I blog for those who can relate to or feel inspired by my life. The people who neither fit in the city, or the country, because they love both. The ones who can't and won't ever sit at a desk job for the rest of their life. Those whose lives are ruled by art and the visual. The person who is constantly striving for better.

Recently I've been working on transitioning my web design business into a full-blown studio. I've been booking new website builds, taking on clients in need of regular maintenance, and even hired my sister to work on my side projects so I can focus my attention on client work.

My hope is that as I grow my design studio, I am able to do the same with Estate, sharing the things that inspire me creatively, and following through on every last goal I set for myself. I try to encourage those in my personal life to design and see through the life of their dreams. My best wish for Estate is that I can inspire readers to do the same.

Double Sunset

Late September Sunset in Vermont Early October Sunset in Florida

Caught this autumnal sunset in Vermont followed by a sunset through the spanish moss in Florida a few days later.