Dream Getaway: French Countryside

dream getaway french countrysideIt's been awhile since I've done a dream getaway, and today I'm feeling like the french countryside is the vacation destination for me. I would completely disconnect myself from the internet, bring a stack of books for reading marathons, and take daily bike rides down dirt roads. Here's what else I would do:

  1. Get intoxicated on fields of lavender
  2. Rent a charming little house with resident farm life
  3. Buy a bright-colored scarf for feeling chic on an otherwise uneventful day
  4. Spend hours in a local bookstore
  5. Write pretty letters to family
  6. Have refreshments and good conversation on a long afternoon
  7. Rent a vintage Maserati and pretend to be in a James Bond film
  8. Invite myself into the neighbors' incredible garden and make new french friends
  9. Wander around cobblestone streets in the nearby town