The 10 Most Amazing Luxury Italian Villas for Sale

Have you ever dreamed of living abroad? I have and do on a regular basis, although they're not dreams of a small apartment in a destination city. My dreams involve countryside living in obscenely large estates. Today's are all in Italy and my are they grand. luxury italian villa

1. Il Castello sul lago

Dating back to the year 802 (well before the discovery of the Americas), this compound includes a church, main living quarters and a guest house. It was at one point a military fortress! (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

2. Villa delle Anfore

This home is on the Tuscan coast with private access to the sea. There are stone steps leading down to the water and the home is gorgeous, but my favorite part is this perfect vined terrace for dining outdoors. (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

3. Villa Strozzi

This insanely regal property sits amongst it's own park of woods, wine vineyards and olive groves. It also includes a chapel, farmhouse, swimming pool and tennis court. (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

4. Relais la Grande Quercia

Currently in use as a hotel, this property is a modern meets rustic paradise. It sits between the Sibillini Mountain National Park and the Adriatic Coast, overlooking the countryside. (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

5. Po Sante Hamlet

If you've ever wanted to own an entire village, or maybe need a place for your family compound, this hamlet located in ancient Umbria would fit the bill perfectly. The walled village has 19 individual dwellings, a central square, shared park, and pool. (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

6. Villa with Garden

While this home is more modern and located in the center of Milan, it still has an air of country to it. The bright veranda has amazing windows which allow an amazing openness with nature. (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

7. Villa Rinascimentale a Roma

This property is relatively new at only 92 years old (by Europe standards!), and located in the heart of Rome, only 5 minutes away from Vatican City. It is meant to be a hotel or tourism office, but I can't see why one couldn't make it a home. (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

8. Villa delle Baccanti

This villa, located between Pisa and Florence, is a beautiful stately home with gardens of century old cypress' and frescoes from noted 18th century artist, Ademollo. The 360 views from the rooftop loggia are stunning. (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

9. Intero Borgo Medievale

To own Borgo del Ghirlandaio would feel like being a king, I imagine. The ancient mediaeval castle is home to 59 independent apartments, a church, a restaurant and a series of small shops. It reminds me of the Hornburg at Helm's Deep in Lord of the Rings. (more info and photos here)

luxury italian villa

10. Villa dei Satiri

This last villa is considered one of the best examples of historic Tuscan architecture. It's insanely huge, with Italian style gardens and many buildings on premises, including a glass butterfly house and The Bagnetti, a bath house with upper podiums for musicians to play for the guests. (more info and photos here)

What do you think? Would you live in one of these estates?