Holiday Gift Guide: Your Cool Younger Sister Who Listens to Good Music and Calls You On Weekends To Hangout

holiday gift guide for your younger sisterThis holiday I've decided to do gift guides based on myself and two sisters. We're three individuals, but it's likely we'd borrow all the items on each others gift guides ;)

  1. Music Branches Earphone Plugin, because she's always got her headphones in, and she's usually singing with friends.
  2. Dazzling Rhinestoned Phone Case, because she believes her iPhone should makes a statement.
  3. Daydream Believer T-Shirt, because isn't is obvious?
  4. Roger & Gallet Green Tea Perfume - because it's light and fresh and you like the scent, too.
  5. Minnetonka Concho/Feather Side Zip Boot - because she devotes her summers to fields and forests taking photos.
  6. Zen Essential Oil - because she spends more time in the bathtub then she does anything else.