Holiday Gift Guide: Your Mercurial Middle Sister Who Likes Beer And Will Probably End Up Living In A Cabin In The Woods

holiday gift guide for your middle sisterThis holiday I've decided to do gift guides based on myself and two sisters. We're three individuals, but it's likely we'd borrow all the items on each others gift guides ;)

  1. Red Ember Bronze Fire Pit, because she's always had a thing for making fires.
  2. Feather Rain or Shine Doormat, because her future cabin will need one.
  3. Mallory Moccasin Booties, because she still likes a little flair on her feet.
  4. Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel, because she's usually crafting some kind of alcohol is her kitchen.
  5. Olive Plant Topiary, because she loves the outdoors.
  6. Vineyard Wine & Cheese Tote, because you know she'll take it on a million hikes.