Hand Painted Watercolor Postcards

hand painted watercolor postcardsIn an effort to be more social on the web, a little over a month ago I signed up for a postcard swap with 20 Something Bloggers. I greedily signed up for the max of four swaps, because why not and also because I really like getting regular mail (doesn't everyone?). After debating for a few weeks over the perfect postcard to send each person, I finally just did a bunch of cards up in watercolor, along with a few extras to send to family. Usually when I paint it tends to be lots of portraits and still-life, so it was fun to change it up a little.

Scroll down to see the rest, and also for links to the bloggers I swapped with.

hand painted watercolor postcards hand painted watercolor postcards hand painted watercolor postcards fruit postcard stamps I thought these fruit postcard stamps were too perfect, but I'm also a sucker for stamps in general.

My Postcard Exchange Partners:

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