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Girl Secrets: Alternative Method For Hairless Underarms

moom sugar waxEver since I did my post on epilators a few months ago, I've had tons of people find Estate by searching for solutions to underarm hair removal. So when I decided to try a new method a few weeks ago, I thought it was only right that I share my experience here.

The new method is sugar waxing. Like most of the things I decide to try, I heard of sugar waxing on youtube. I like that you can make it at home with just a few ingredients, and I'm trying to venture more and more towards all natural products. While I originally got into sugar wax for my legs (works great!), today I'm talking specifically about underarms, so you can compare it to the epilator post, and figure out what's best for you.

consistency sugar wax heating I decided to purchase the wax for my first attempts, so I could get an idea what the consistency should be like. I chose Moom with lavender, although I don't notice the lavender at all, so you could probably try any of the Moom products with success. The kit comes with a container of wax, wooden applicators, and cloth strips. The applicators and strips are easily washable, which is nice because I will be able to reuse them once I make my own wax. So, skipping all the details about waxing prep, essentially you apply the wax warm to your skin in a thin layer, going with the growth of the hair. Apply a strip to the skin and rub in the same direction as application 2-3 times. Then grab ahold, and pull the strip close to the skin going AGAINST the hair growth. The first time I used this on my underarms, I pulled in the wrong direction and no hair came with it. That was a total bummer! So don't make my mistake.

I generally use 4ish strips on each side, because while it's not a lot of surface area, armpits aren't exactly a flat surface, so it's good to work in small sections. What I like about the sugar wax is that it's quick and quite painless. For someone who can't tolerate the sensation of an epilator as it pulls 20 hairs or so at a time, this would be a good solution. I also find that the wax only sticks to the hair, so it doesn't feel like you're ripping your skin off, which is an obvious plus.

What is your hair removal of choice? Any tips? Questions?

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