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The Absolute Dreamiest Lakeside Home On Its Own Private Island in Montana

shelter island estate aerial montanaOne of my favorite online hobbies is shopping for real estate, particularly real estate that is grandly, exorbitantly out of my price range. This Montana estate fits nicely inside that requirement and I've been obsessing ever since I found it. My only regret is that the photos were better quality - they were sadly resized on the listing page which is a pity because a home like this demands perfect images.

back of house from water The view from the water. Stunning views. I'm obsessed with the stone and the trees and the way the light is reflecting off the lake.

great room with chandelier Chandeliers always do it for me.

back terrace and breakfast nook with views Most beautiful copper solarium on the left, breakfast nook with the best views on the right.

guest suite with fireplace and views Guest room with fireplace and stone terrace.

mahogany kitchen Huge kitchen which I don't need to mention how huge it is. But oh my god it is huge.

stone wine cellar estate Stone wine cellar. I'm not much of a drinker but it would be fun to have bottles upon bottles on hand for house guests.

hinckley boat stall Boat stall with rail system (! is that even necessary?? I don't know but I like it).

back of house evening stone island estate More solarium and terrace overlooking Flathead Lake.

back porch aerial shelter island estate The terrace is obscene. I mean, I would host parties every night.

solarium on montana island estate MORE. COPPER.

shelter Island estate aerial view Don't worry, that's not a neighbor. That's a 2 bedroom 4 bathroom guest house/boat house with another rail system and docks. Also there's a workshop building, sporting clay course, and walking trails. Don't ask me where because there aren't pictures but they are somewhere and you get The Whole Island. 24 acres which also include an underground watering system because you want to keep this gem green and fresh. Want to see the property on Google Maps? I've got you covered:

Are you in love yet? Put 20% down on the 68m purchase price, and then you'll only owe $275,00 a month for the next 30 years. It's almost like it's free. Purchase here.

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