Hi, I’m Riley.

I'm a web designer based in Vermont where I run my own design studio. I am always working on several side projects, and building my husband's art brand Goons into an international empire. 

My Favorite Funny Show of the Moment

Have you heard of Veep? The first season aired last Spring on HBO, and I am now eagerly anticipating the third season in 2014. Veep stars one of my favorites, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice President of the United States. The tone of the show is very Parks and Recreation-ish - clumsy characters and awkward, hilarious situations. Anna Chlumsky from My Girl, and Tony Hale (Buster on Arrested Development!) help round out the perfect cast. They're only 30 minute episodes (quick watch and easy to get addicted!), and you can get the DVDs from Netflix right now.

The All Seeing Eye

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