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Recent Read: The Bone Season

The Bone Season by Samantha ShannonOne of my gifts from Konrad this Christmas was The Bone Season, a book I had put on my Amazon Wish List without any thought, like I usually do when someone recommends a book but I don't have time to investigate it. I just finished it over the weekend, in a last-half-of-the-book, can't-stop-turning-the-page marathon.

The Bone Season is sort of dystopian 1984 meets the current supernatural trend. If you had any interest in the The Hunger Games, I think you would like this book. Without going into too much detail, it opens in a future London, which is now a totalitarian state. Much of the government focus is on ridding the population of anyone showing clairvoyant powers, of which the main character, Paige, does. She has found a place for herself amongst other "unnaturals," but her world is rocked when she is arrested and taken to a secret colony where the race of the Rephaim rule.

As soon as I finished I went straight to Google to see if there are any plans for a movie. Usually a book I love being brought to life on film is a nightmare, but in this case I think it would translate well. Plus there are a few characters I'd like to swoon over in human form.

As it turns out, the movie rights have already been acquired by 20th Century Fox. Not only that, but the author (who is only 22!) has plans to write six more books in the series. All good news aside from the waiting game for more books!

Have you read anything good lately? I could use some suggestions!

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