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Top 3 Holy Grail Products for Acne Prone Skin

my top three holy grail products for acne prone skin
my top three holy grail products for acne prone skin

I've never been one of the lucky ones to have flawless skin. Anyone who has to listen to me go on about trivial life things can attest that I am constantly trying new products and home remedies, whether it be for skin care, in the kitchen, or some other random venture.

After a recent struggle with hormonal breakouts, I went through a long stint of buying and trying, etc etc etc. It took a lot of trial and error, but I've finally found the right combination that doesn't completely piss my skin off. I'm an extensive Googler, and I've been on every forum on the internet - I know there are plenty of other people out there looking for answers. So here's my holy trinity of skin care products, in hopes that it may help someone else out there.

holy grail acne products
holy grail acne products

Step 1: Exfoliate

First thing in the morning, and first thing before bed (and after using a makeup remover), I use St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub for Blemish Control. This particular formula has salicylic acid, which clears the skin by helping it shed dead skin cells. I know there are people out there who think this product is too abrasive for the skin, and would absolutely freak out that I'm using it twice a day, but when something works, you just have to go with it. But, in an effort to be cautious, I will sometimes use it as more of a mask, with less manual exfoliation. In any case, it definitely helps keep my skin in working order, and until I don't need it anymore, I will continue to use it.

Step 2: Cleanse

Next I rinse with hot water and wash my face using Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. I feel like the exfoliation and hot water help open my pores so they benefit more from the face wash, which has tea tree oil and other good things in it. Something about this seems like it is not just cleansing the skin, but is also leaving behind acne fighting ingredients to continue working after my skin care routine is finished. My skin just has a certain feel to it after. I like it.

Step 3: Moisturize

Once my skin is clean, I always always moisturize. Despite my overly oil-producing skin, if I don't moisturize immediately, it feels dry and tight really quick. I've been loving Derma E Vitamin A Wrinkle Treatment Moisturizing Gel because it is light and absorbs really quickly. There is no greasiness to it whatsoever, which is definitely a concern of mine when it comes to clogged pores.

So that's it! Of course there is always more to good skin care (proper diet, supplements, balancing hormones, keeping active... the list goes on), but for some of us it is truly impossible to keep our skin clear without a good routine. I'd love to hear what your holy grail products are - like I said, I'm always on the hunt!

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