Hi, I’m Riley.

I'm a web designer based in Vermont where I run my own design studio. I am always working on several side projects, and building my husband's art brand Goons into an international empire. 

Weekend TV Marathon Recommendation

the colony discovery television show I am admittedly fixated with survivalism. I watch The Walking Dead religiously, and when a "storm" of any sort rolls through the area, I've got my candles out and canned food supplies stocked. So when I heard of this pseudo-reality show based on what a group of survivors would do in the aftermath of global destruction... yep, sign me up. Konrad and I blew through both seasons in a matter of a week. The forced situations are pretty cheesy, but here's another admission... I like bad TV. And the things they create are pretty cool. Watching people scavenge random materials and turn them into vehicles, radio transmitters and showers... there's no better way to spend a Friday night.

Luck of all luck, both seasons are on Netflix Instant. AND it's Friday. GO!

A Fascinating Life

Another Weekend Recommendation