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The Unexpected Accessory Your Closet Needs Right Now

colorful, pattterned ozone socksNordic Stripe, Endangered Cats Snow Leopard, Endangered Cats Tiger, Tribal Textiles

For the longest time I wasn't a sock person at all. Yes, I wore them, but only in solid colors, and always neutrals. I would only buy them occasionally (when near the checkout and on sale), and therefore my sock game has been pretty basic for most of my life.

One day after seeing Konrad get excited about yet another pair as gifts, I asked him what was so great about socks. "They just feel so fresh," he told me. "Luxury," he said. And you know what? He's right. The next time I bought new socks their luxuriously fresh feel totally spoke to me. New socks are awesome. So are socks in amazing patterns (something else he appreciates that has also rubbed off on me).

The above are my favorite designs from Ozone, and as their tagline says, they are all about the art of socks. They have socks in every length and pattern, and since winter is on its way to Vermont, I am definitely in the market for some new knee-highed socks of luxury.

Lucky for everyone, I has a few coupon codes to share:

25% off orders over $50 with Code: A25OVER50 15% off orders under $50 with Code: A15UNDER50


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