Hi, I’m Riley.

I'm a web designer based in Vermont where I run my own design studio. I am always working on several side projects, and building my husband's art brand Goons into an international empire. 

The Upcoming Trend I'm Not Yet Ready To Give Up

Gladiators Can anyone else identify with me and my never ending rage when their favorite things suddenly go mainstream? Nothing bothers me more than when the websites and designers and artists I've been hoarding for months, maybe even years appear on everyones radar.

Right now I'm brooding over my absolute favorite pair of shoes, gladiator sandals I bought at least two years ago. They bit the dust late last fall from my excessive wear, and I fully intended on replacing them until all the designers decided to incorporate the look into their 2008 lines. Now every store is carrying them, including Urban Outfitters, which sealed the deal and I'm over it.

Except while searching for pictures to post with this I came across these. These beautiful, snake-embossed, patent leather, gladiator upgrades. I may be over it, but I'm not so insane as to pass up owning such a foxy pair of shoes.

And yes, I'm still upset about Feist going the Apple route and the next second everyone's updated their facebook profiles to reflect their NEW! FAVORITE! ARTIST!

$225 at shopbop

Dear POM, I Love You

Found: Somewhere In Pilsen, Chicago