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Warby Parker Glasses

A few months ago I noticed someone on twitter posting photos of themselves with glasses they were apparently sent to try on. Whaaa... I clicked and was immediately smitten with the vintage styles and the awesome company that is Warby Parker. The frames are only $95 AND include prescription lenses. The ones at my local eyewear place start around $120 for just the frames, and are rarely ever any kind of stylish. Warby Parker also gives a pair to someone in need for every pair they sell, AND they will send five frames at a time to try out at home for free. Hooked was I, and bookmarked was the site.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I finally made it to the optometrist and received a slightly higher prescription than my last one from six years ago (am I lazy or what?) That night I spent a good long while evaluating Warby Parker's many choices online before finally choosing some to try out. I tried to vary the colors I ordered, even though I've been pretty set on tortoiseshell glasses for awhile now.

Behold, the frames:

Warby Parker Glasses Box

Box the frames come in.

Warby Parker Frames Home Try-on

The frames in all their glory.

Warby Parker Huxley Light Tortoise Matte

Huxley in Light Tortoise Matte - I had originally fallen in love with these in Whiskey Tortoise, so I thought for sure they'd be "The One". But they were out of Whiskey Tortoise so I tried them in the Light Tortoise Matte, and while they are awesome, the shape is a little too retro for me.

Warby Parker Fillmore Dark Tortoise Crystal

Fillmore in Dark Tortoise Crystal - I pretty much knew when I ordered these that they'd be too much of a look for me, but I had to after seeing them on the model in the lookbook. They turned out to be one of my favorites. The right girl could rock this look so hard.

Warby Parker Miles Revolver Black

Miles in Revolver Black - What I originally thought looked somewhat Rayban-esque (online anyway), this one is a good bold look while still being understated.

Warby Parker Colton Black Crystal Bilaminate

Colton in Revolver Black Crystal - Despite my look of displeasure, I quite liked these. The shape is a little more my style and I prefer glasses without the silver on the outsides of the eye (a la the Miles).

Warby Parker Webb Amber Tortoise

Webb in Amber Tortoise - I actually think when I ordered these I was just trying to fill my order of five, but when I tried them on the stars aligned and I knew it was love. Now I just need to decide between Amber or Whiskey Tortoise. Warby Parker, any thoughts?

Also, a little footnote: as of a few days ago they unveiled a new collection for 2011. A lot of cool looks, but my mind had already been made. Maybe there's a pair for you, perhaps?

And that concludes the longest blog post I've ever written.

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